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SSLPost Solution Overview

SSLPost secure electronic document and email delivery solution is a web-centric SaaS (Software as a Service) offering which allows individuals and organisations to easily and send secure electronic documents and emails to users or other organisations guaranteeing their integrity and non-repudiation.

SSLPost has developed a number of flexible integration options for its secure document delivery solution for a variety of industry needs which minimise the cost and expertise associated with integrating expensive closed circuit encryption solutions. SSLPost does not require the recipient to have any special software installed, only a modern web browser and an internet connection is required.

The diagram below provides a visual overview of the solutions provided by SSLPost, from sending a secure electronic message or document all the way through the process to the end recipient accessing the secure content. All our products that are listed above help the sender deliver secure electronic content in a manner that suits them best.

Find out more about the features and benefits of our solutions by visiting www.sslpost.com or click one of the buttons above to view our technical support pages where you can access users guides and diagrams as well as installation notes and frequently asked questions.


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Download this SSLPost product overview as a PDF document: sslpost_product_overview.pdf

SSLPost Technical Overview


By utilising a combination of transport and block level encryption, SSLPost ensures your data is secured throughout the entire process, even after it is delivered to your corporate mail server. The diagram below illustrates a technical overview of the core SSLPost functions guiding you through the encryption and decryption process for a sender and recipient. For a full step by step walk through of this process with detailed explanations please review our technical overview walkthrough.


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Download this SSLPost technical overview as a PDF document: sslpost_how_it_works.pdf