Features And Benefits

SSLPost software is leading the way in the secure electronic document delivery marketplace by developing cost effective solutions for clients from both the public and private sector delivering a wide range of electronic business documentation. A single user can choose from using a simple secure online service or by installing a handy Microsoft Outlook plugin while batch document processing can be handled with ease using SSLPost Secure Send which even integrates into your existing Sage, IRIS or SAP setup.

For a corporate business network with higher confidentiality requirements, SSLPost offers their Business Security Policy solution which can be configured as a managed by SSLPost or which can be a self managed installation by the client. We even provide a Zimbra Zimlet plugin for the Zimbra email client as well as SSLPost mobile applications for your Android and iPhone smartphones.

As you can see there are many advantages to using SSLPost technology but our clients frequently highlight to us the following four primary benefits to securing your electronic document delivery with SSLPost:

It’s Secure.

SSLPost does not retain any client data and uses a highly secure encryption wrapper to deliver digital content to the recipient. An enhanced digital seal is used to validate emails and because the developers have experience of PCI requirements they have the knowledge and experience to continually improve the solution. In addition, SSLPost provides a full 'audit trail' that records the date and time that any secure messages are opened as well as the IP address used by the recipient to open the SSLPost secure email.

It’s Cost Effective and delivers a rapid ROI.

The SSLPost software is cheaper than sending documents by post and introduces significant cost savings to businesses almost overnight. Since many of our clients opt for a transaction payment method it also means that they are not faced with any large up-front capital costs.

It’s Environmentally friendly.

SSLPost can help organisations meet their corporate social responsibilities for a better environment by minimising printed output, saving paper, envelopes, printer consumables and postage costs.  In addition, with electronic delivery of documents, there is no waste. 

It’s Easy to implement.


SSLPost software is easy to install and there is no need for any client side software. All that is required to use our SSLPost web application solution is a modern web browser and a valid email address. SSLPost Secure Send (used for batch document processing) takes less than a day to set up and organisations can then use it for securely sending  documents such as invoices, statements and MyPayRewards to multiple recipients.



Password Protected PDF Vs SSLPost

Password protected PDF files are a poor security solution for protecting sensitive documents as it provides little, if any, protection from tampering and unauthorised access. It can be worse than no solution at all as users are more likely to expose sensitive information, incorrectly believing it to be encrypted.

SSLPost ensures electronic documents are encrypted to the highest level, using best-practice technology to guarantee all sensitive documents are secure and only able to be opened by the intended recipient. SSLPost also enables both sender and recipient to be confident their sensitive documents are private, authenticated and have not been tampered with. Read the full report by click the download link below:

Download this PDF Vs SSLPost report as a PDF document: passwordpdf_vs_sslpost.pdf